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Uh Oh, Beware Young Drinkers

Creative but sometimes questionable new media strategies are used. The U.S. News & World Report (HealthDay News) (May 19, 2010) wrote that alcohol companies are increasingly using the latest new media technologies


Facebook Fan Page Drawing Muhammad Contest Leads to Uproar & Censorship in Pakistan

The Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC News and many other news sources report today (May 19, 2010) that a reaction to an incident on Facebook became tantamount to censorship (one of the issues that the New Media Institute watches). The LA Times reported that a Pakistani court has banned the Facebook site after a ‘draw Muhammad contest’ went public. The contest originates with the concern for the South Park creators who touch a raw nerve apparently. Read more:

-LA Times -,0,4071401.story

-CNN -

Google & Intel Work to Succeed Where Apple Falters

As expected, the Google/Apple rivalry continues on and revs up. The May 19, 2019 article in Business Week writes that Google is working with Intel to get its software onto televisions in a bid to triumph over the struggling Apple. Read more:

-Business Week -


Internet TV Survey -- Revolution or Evolution?

The Arbitron and Edison Research Survey released recently, and set off media coverage as if it were a squabble, not to mention the momentous first time that TV was less vital than the internet. Coverage seemed to make these findings unexpected, but was it really unexpected? We say, “of course not!”

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