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Facebook leading the way in online search engines:

A new search tool used by Facebook will not become the main use for the Social networking website, but valuable in increasing its popularity. The “like” button on the website is being used as a powerful search tool that rivals Google. The focus of the search engine not will be the most important factor of the website. The Facebook engineers are working on increasing technology related to gaming, giving Facebook gamers better games, graphics, and social capabilities. The biggest concern with the new technology is the privacy issue. Opening up a new forum of search opportunities also creates a new need for increased security. See more:   

Sharing Videos Privately

A new kind of social networking site is emerging in which you can send and receive videos privately. The website will allow users to send videos privately for a low cost. Unlike Youtube and Facebook, users will not have to figure out and customize privacy settings but rather just upload and share instantly.

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Netbook for Students:

Netbook for Students:

HP is now offering a new netbook specifically designed for students. The new product will cost only $300 and will include features targeted to college use such as a spill resistant keyboard, a carrying handle, and 160GB of storage. The netbook will weigh only about 3.19 pounds making it light and easy for carrying in between classes.See more: HYPERLINK ""



Iphone applications not as profitable as they seem:

Although Apple is leading the way with smartphone applications, the profit margins are not as great as they seem. Instead of making a high percentage of money from the purchasing of these applications, about 70%of the money is going to pay off the developers and designers. Apple states that the goal of these applications is not to make a high profit, but rather drive up hardware sales instead. See more: HYPERLINK ""


Chrome OS:

Google Chrome Os has been rumored to be apart of the new Dell innovations of the upcoming computers within the next couple of years. Some of the kinks are still being worked out to allow users to not only used web based storage, but also internal. This would give Dell the opportunity to increase sales and popularity within a shorter amount of time. Read more:

Toshiba’s new Two Screen Tablet:

Toshibas new two screen tablet will be released late this summer. The new netbook like tool will be similar to the Ipad, but instead of having one screen, will feature two touch screens that are foldable. The price will range around $1000, and will only be sold limited edition. Read more:

Nintendo 3D Glasses Free

Nintendo just launched the new updates on the Nintendo 3DS. The new gaming system will feature 3D entertainment, without the necessity of using 3D glasses. Also available on the system are 3D movies and the ability to take 3D pictures. See more:

No "Tweet" for the Times

The New York Times editor has made a new rule for all employees. Although the craze of Twitter is sweeping the nation, the verb “Tweet” has not yet been added to the dictionary, or the “proper” English language. Until this change is made, the use of the word is forbidden among writers of the newspaper. See more:

Droid 2: Sneak Peek

A new sneak peak at the Droid 2 was released that showed little improvements besides a new keyboard. The main reasoning behind the little need for improvements is the Droid has become one of the fastest selling new smart phones. There have been little problems with the phone, and the company sees no end in its expansion in sight. The new improvements to the keyboard, make the phone more efficient for texting, sending emails, and surfing the web. See more:

A new look for Google?

Google is having a hard time keeping up with Bing’s creativity and appeal. Bing is known for its colorful backgrounds and vivid imagery. Google attempted to match Bing, but failed, when it was discovered that there were issues with the coding in the website. Users were not able to click on the link explaining the new features of the website. The new colorful look only lasted 14 hours before it was finally pulled down. See more:

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