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Game-Based Learning: What it is, Why it Works, and Where it's Going

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Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. –William Butler Yeats Introduction Deconstruct the fun in any good game, and it becomes clear that what makes it enjoyable is the built-in learning process. To progr...

Corporate Hate Sites - NMI White Paper

Just as the internet is an excellent vehicle for companies to promote their goods and services, it can be an equally effective tool for dissatisfied customers or disgruntled employees to criticize a particular company or product.Much to the chagrin of trademark owners, such "hate" or "gripe" sites, which often include the company name or trademark in the url ([company] are very difficult, if not impossible, to shut down.The First Amendment typically shields the operators of corporate gripe sites from liability, unless they are selling products, deriving advertising revenue and/or in some other way engaged in "commercial" speech.

The Effect of New Media Censorship on the World - NMI White Paper

Freedom of speech is generally acknowledged as a corner stone of a democracy and as crucial to the progressive development of a marketplace of ideas throughout the global community. The protection of freedom of speech is widely enshrined in international and domestic laws including the United States Constitution (First Amendment), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 19), and The European Convention on Human Rights (Article 10).

Mobile Marketing: Best Practices and Applications - NMI White Paper

With todays highly mobile lifestyles, recessionary prone economy and mass infiltration of media into both our personal and professional lives, its no wonder that the results of traditional marketing methods are rapidly dwindling.

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