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RATs in Your Computer

mouse_rat_keyboard_climb_rodent revisedN.jpgRemote Access Trojans have been around a long time. They have been a serious problem since the 1990s and were one of the first Trojans developed to penetrate, invade, and take over your computer. RATs give the hacker complete physical control over your computer, including everything from the keyboard, mouse and monitor to the DVD drives and other external ports. They hide in the background and can be difficult to detect. And to the hacker’s advantage, they allow someone else to masquerade as you, to send email, use your files, browse the internet, and access other accounts as if they were you.

Layered Security for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Small businesses have become some of the most attractive targets today for enterprising cyber thieves. They are among the easiest targets for cybercriminals looking to exploit unprotected customer information, intellectual property, unprotected credit card and social security numbers or simply computing power. The sophistication and technical expertise of “hackers” to recursively scan the internet for unsecured small-business computers to take over and pillage has grown exponentially.

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