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Blackberry Ban in Dubai, UAE and Probably Beyond Bodes Dire Consequences?

A flood of articles/videos from such sources as the Financial Post, the Smart Trend News, Associated Press/Google and TIME (to name a few) write about the ban, which begins in October, from several perspectives. The ramifications can be mind boggling and range from economic/business concerns to security, censorship and precedence.

Android leading the way in applications

The new android has a new application dedicated to customizing and creating your own smart phone application. If you have a new idea for what you want your phone to be able to do, it’s as easy as just making it yourself. Android creators have made the software so easy to use; almost anyone can develop their own application. Apple claims to have no interest in using or adapting this application for the Iphone. See more:

Live Video Chat Iphone to Iphone

The new Iphone 4 comercials are emphasizing on the new feature of “Face Time” on the phone. This new application allows users to conduct video chat from Iphone to Iphone. It gives the Iphone a more personal feeling, instead of complicated and unreachable. Not only does the new advertising show the great new feature, but also shows that in order to use this new application, both users must have Iphones. See more:

Facebook gets serious about safety

In an effort to eliminate child molesters from social networking sites, Facebook has created a panic button in order to keep underage users safe. The button will also greatly reduce the amount of cyber bulling on the website as well. This new feature will only be featured in the United Kingdom, but may soon spread to other regions. The reason this was finally put into place is the rape and murder of a 17 year old girl, by a child molester posing as a teenage boy on the popular website. See more 

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The new face in online news:

The newspaper industry has been in a downward spiral for some time now. Google seems to have the answer for this; the Itunes answer. Before Itunes, the music industry was under huge attack from free downloading, until the 99 cent Itunes option came to the rescue. Instead of having to pay for your yearly subscriptions to newspapers you won’t read anyway, how about an option to pay for only the news that you need. See more: 

Facebook leading the way in online search engines:

A new search tool used by Facebook will not become the main use for the Social networking website, but valuable in increasing its popularity. The “like” button on the website is being used as a powerful search tool that rivals Google. The focus of the search engine not will be the most important factor of the website. The Facebook engineers are working on increasing technology related to gaming, giving Facebook gamers better games, graphics, and social capabilities. The biggest concern with the new technology is the privacy issue. Opening up a new forum of search opportunities also creates a new need for increased security. See more:   

Sharing Videos Privately

A new kind of social networking site is emerging in which you can send and receive videos privately. The website will allow users to send videos privately for a low cost. Unlike Youtube and Facebook, users will not have to figure out and customize privacy settings but rather just upload and share instantly.

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Netbook for Students:

Netbook for Students:

HP is now offering a new netbook specifically designed for students. The new product will cost only $300 and will include features targeted to college use such as a spill resistant keyboard, a carrying handle, and 160GB of storage. The netbook will weigh only about 3.19 pounds making it light and easy for carrying in between classes.See more: HYPERLINK ""



Iphone applications not as profitable as they seem:

Although Apple is leading the way with smartphone applications, the profit margins are not as great as they seem. Instead of making a high percentage of money from the purchasing of these applications, about 70%of the money is going to pay off the developers and designers. Apple states that the goal of these applications is not to make a high profit, but rather drive up hardware sales instead. See more: HYPERLINK ""


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